Kristin Dyak, Cyphers Agency Digital Marketing Director, offers top tip on LinkedIn Advertising

Top Tip on LinkedIn Advertising from marketing expert

Kristin Dyak, Cyphers Agency Digital Marketing Director, was featured as one of 15 marketing experts from across the country in a Hearst Bay Area article, LinkedIn Advertising Best Practices from 15 Marketing Experts.

Coming in at #2, Kristin’s top tip:

Tip 2: Select The Ad Objective That Best Fits Your Goals

When creating an ad on any social media platform, the first thing you should determine is your goal.

The goal may be to have your audience engage with your content, start following your page, generate leads, or gain general awareness about your brand.

LinkedIn breaks down the objectives into three categories: awareness, consideration, and conversions.

Some ads may fall under multiple categories, but it’s important to consider the primary goal and select that objective to be the foundation of your campaign.

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