The Cyphers Agency Tapped to Promote New Bay Plate Design

CROFTON, Md. (October 22, 2018)—Integrated marketing agency, The Cyphers Agency, will help lead marketing, advertising and public relations to promote the newly revealed Chesapeake Bay License Plate. The funds from the specialty plates are managed by the Chesapeake Bay Trust, who turned to Cyphers once again after the agency helped increase Bay Plate sales in 2010. The creative elements of the current campaign speak to the visual appeal of the new design and the media strategy was developed to reach consumers shopping for cars.

The new design, unveiled on October 18th, highlights two Maryland icons: the blue crab and Bay Bridge. It was chosen through focus groups and surveys of thousands of Marylanders among 250 options from multiple artists around the state. “This plate is very vibrant and unique,” said Darren Easton, Vice President and Creative Director for Cyphers. “It looks very much like a painting, creating an option for Maryland drivers we’ve not yet seen before. Research clearly showed that consumers view license plates as an accessory, so our campaign concept really taps into the cosmetic appeal of this design that pays homage to one of Maryland’s most beloved natural resources.”

To “test drive” the new design, Cyphers has developed an interactive website,, that will allow drivers to see how the plate looks on vehicles of varying styles and colors. “If folks like the way it looks, they’re more likely to want it on their car for more than the environmental benefits,” Easton added. Bay Plate sales fund grants for K-12 outdoor education, wetland and other restoration projects, and community engagement in natural resources.

Other campaign components include Facebook and digital ads aimed at “auto intenders,” or people who are interested in purchasing a car. While drivers can upgrade to the Bay Plate anytime, data show the majority of plates are chosen in conjunction with a vehicle purchase. The campaign will geofence dealerships to deliver ads directly targeting this audience. Over-the-top video/TV spots will also be used to create additional awareness through streaming platforms.

Cyphers developed materials for distribution at dealerships and MVA locations, including posters, rack cards and tabletop displays to help consumers understand they have a choice in what plate goes on their car.

The campaign will officially launch prior to the new plate design becoming available on October 29th.

About The Cyphers Agency
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