Cyphers President Tells Associated Press Communication is Key to Change Management

Dave Cyphers, President and founder, shared his thoughts on how small business owners can best manage major changes in the workplace in an Associated Press article, “Changes in your business? You should plan, talk to staffers.”

Focusing on how he handled the Agency’s first office move ten years, Dave stressed the importance of communicating with and taking all employees’ perspectives into consideration.

Here’s his full excerpt:

Even a move to a new location requires change management. A year ago, Dave Cyphers bought a building in Crofton, Maryland, 10 miles (16 kilometers) away from the office he had rented for his marketing company. Cyphers, who has 18 staffers, made them part of the planning process. He took longtime senior employees to see the building before he bought it, and discussed with each worker how the move would affect their commutes. He discussed the new seating plan with them, and gave each money to decorate individual work areas.

“You work hard to put a team together. The last thing you want to do is blow it all up by saying, ‘we’re moving, let the chips fall where they may,’” says Cyphers, owner of The Cyphers Agency.

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