Steve Adams, PR Account Executive, Discusses Maintaining Employee Morale in a Remote Workplace

Steve Adams, PR Account Executive at The Cyphers Agency, was featured in “How to Communicate When Morale is Low” in the March 2021 issue of Nonprofit Communications Report, a professional journal that provides thought leadership on best practices in communication to the nonprofit community.

Responding to the question, “What approaches have you successfully taken to boost internal morale during down times?,” Steve discussed how Cyphers has relied on Zoom to keep staff engaged and connected via daily trending topics meetings, regularly-scheduled coffee chats, and anniversary and birthday celebrations. 

Here’s Steve’s full response:

“The biggest thing we’ve done to maintain and boost internal morale is continuing our daily trending topics meetings, during which we discuss the latest news from the integrated marketing world and how it might affect what we do for ourselves and our clients, on Zoom. There’s obviously a practical purpose for it, but discussing and debating what we think about this or that ad, the latest change to Instagram, etc., and actually seeing each oth- er’s faces, is a great way to start the day — just as it was when we were in the office.

“We’ve also implemented regular Zoom coffee chats and contin- ued celebrating each staff member’s work anniversary and birth- day through Zoom parties — themed get-togethers that include sharing digital cards and memories, telling stories, etc. Lastly, we’ve also quickly adopted Slack, where we not only communicate through specific client channels but also share funny content or thoughts under channels such as #tcapets and #random.

“Taking stock of the last year, it’s safe to say that doing all we can to maintain regular communication far beyond our email inboxes has proven a huge success in boosting each other’s morale and maintaining our biggest asset: existing as and work- ing as a truly integrated team.”

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