Darren Easton, Cyphers Agency VP & Creative Director, discusses the everlasting value of the BOGO offer in yahoo! news

Darren Easton, Cyphers Agency VP & Creative Director, provided one of the 11 most common ways that online retailers get consumers to overspend in a GO BankingRates/yahoo! news article, All the Ways Online Retailers Get You To Overspend.

Focusing on the power of the BOGO offer, Darren said:

9. BOGO Offers

“Getting something ‘free’, regardless of cost, will lead many consumers to purchase more items than they otherwise would, or, in many cases, buy something that they wouldn’t have bought in the first place,” said Darren Easton, vice president and creative director at The Cyphers Agency. “A freebie is a great way to compel consumers to justify a purchase.”

Read the full article here.

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