Cyphers Digital Marketing Director Talks Email Marketing in MarTechExec

Kristin Dyak, Digital Marketing Director for The Cyphers Agency, contributed to MarTechExec’s article, Email Marketing Metamorphosis: How to Make Your Customers Love Their Inbox Again. Kristin shared her favorite tips for email marketing, including how to take advantage of mobile email and the merits of creating your own template.

Check out her full contribution below:

At times it seems as if social media and the use of text messaging has started email on the journey to become obsolete. According to current research, that is not the case just yet.

Other forms of digital communication and marketing are climbing the ranks but email marketing still has its place in our inbox. The largest change in email marketing is mobile availability. This has allowed email to be in the same touch as social media messages and text messages, which allows it to remain a competitive platform.

Thanks to this capability, users’ email habits have changed to checking email during all waking hours, and the trend of monitoring and responding to work correspondence outside of business hours has greatly increased.

This gives email marketers, especially B2B, a larger window of opportunity for engagement when the receiver is “clearing” emails outside of the typical work day.

The first step is the audience receiving the email.

The second step is getting them to open it.

Keep the content fresh, diverse, engaging and, overall, worth the subscription. A few ways to diversify your content include enhancing the creative assets and adding attention-grabbing headlines.

The content should be specific to a product, promotion or event. Let the content speak for the brand.

Marketers have the option to create their own template or use one that is already generated. Although templates are reliable, cost effective and allow for a quick turnaround, it can lack unique brand identity and limits the ability for customization.

It’s worth the time and manpower to create your own email template if you value ownership of the asset but if that isn’t a priority, then there are plenty of well-manufactured templates to choose from that suit a variety of email marketing needs.

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