A new website for Strayer University in DC, MD and VA!

A new website for Strayer University in DC, MD and VA!

strayerusite.jpg We recently launched a new site for Strayer University at www.strayeru.com. This site focuses on Strayer University campuses in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Strayer focuses on working adults seeking to continue their education with a certificate or degree program. They offer flexible programs that are online or on campus that fit the busy schedules of working adults.

Visitors to the site can read stories about continuing education such as learning which degrees are most financially rewarding in 2009 by reading the blog section of the site. The site allows visitors to interact by leaving comments or filling out a form to request more information about Strayer’s programs. Here is an excerpt from a recent post:

“The recent economic recession has put a squeeze on the national job market, forcing employment hopefuls to reach back into their skill set to seek out jobs they may not have been prepared to go after. FastCompany recently posted a list of the top employment opportunities for 2009. These are the top ten areas to seek employment this year:

1) Nursing and Medical Services….”

Link to their site in your reader and keep up-to-date on continuing education.

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