Unique Ways to Promote Mobile Banking

As many companies within today’s leading industries move towards fully virtual platforms for different types of product and service offerings, the banking industry stands out with a bright digital future ahead as they continue to grow and develop mobile banking solutions. While there are some newer banks that are entirely virtual and only provide mobile banking services to their customers, the majority of banks still offer the more traditional types of online banking, as well as in-person services. Mobile applications are meant to be easy and efficient to use, and include the ability to perform most if not all of the users’ banking needs right from their phone. Therefore, there are many ways that financial institutions can leverage the benefits and unique features of banking apps to promote their use to both current and potential customers.

Use Social Media 

Utilizing the power of social media to promote mobile banking services – whether its a brand new app or even an established app that not all current bankers are using, is a great way to reach both new and existing customers. Since social media users are already more likely to be using mobile apps for those platforms, they are great candidates to target for mobile banking as well. However, since there are so many competing financial institutions with these services in the market for customers to choose from, it is key to differentiate your app with your campaign’s messaging. This could include content showcasing the simplicity of mobile banking and how your app can make the many services that banks offer available to you, 24 hours a day. The campaign could also target the younger generation who may already be mobile banking somewhere else, but are unfamiliar with different financial services such as investing. A well-thought out campaign’s content is tailored to both intrigue and educate users about the vast amount of opportunities available using mobile banking services.

Offer an Incentive

Offering a promotion that would be appealing to current, non-mobile banking customers and potential new customers, such as cash back rewards or no fees on credit card balance transfers, on top of showcasing how innovative and easy to use your app is within your messaging strategy, is another great way to promote mobile banking. Making the incentive a limited-time offer would also help catch consumers’ attention that they need to act fast and download the app in order to receive the deal that would be financially beneficial to them.

Leverage Testimonials 

The ultimate goal of any promotional campaign for a financial institution should be to get your customers, both existing and potential, to fully trust you so they feel secure and confident in their monetary decisions. Therefore, using real customer experiences within your promotional efforts for mobile banking could be a very successful driving force to gaining that trust and achieving your goals of more mobile banking usage for your customers. One way to do this is to advertise with videos clips featuring satisfied mobile banking customers, or essentially ambassadors for your brand, that talk about how happy they are with the services and features of the app itself, while also painting the picture that there is a person behind the app and the bank that is always there to connect with for assistance and support.1

As so many elements of our day-to-day lives already have or are becoming digital and mobile-friendly, it is important for the banking industry to continue on this trend and focus on connecting with existing and potential customers in order to promote the many benefits of mobile banking services.

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1The Financial Brand


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