The People Business

womanwithcreditcardWe’re in the advertising industry, so of course, we have an office full of creative minds. While our design and account staff is highly imaginative, creativity isn’t ALL our business is about. Creative for the sake of being creative accomplishes nothing. It must be backed by research insights and created as a part of a strategic marketing plan. Before a brand dives into any kind of creative campaign, this underlying question must be resolved: “what is going to make a consumer buy this product or service?”

Cue The Cyphers Agency.

The truth is, in advertising, we’re actually in the people business. Here, we’re all about getting in the minds of consumers. It’s critical to know how consumers behave throughout purchase decisions and in life. Beyond their wants and needs, we delve into their personality, values, attitudes and lifestyles. We figure out what really makes them tick. By delving into the activities, interests and opinions of different audiences, we can narrowly define a target audience.

Once all the toiling, researching, surveying and observing is done, we have a clear visualization of the type of people who comprise the target audience. It’s not until we have that narrowly defined audience that we get our real creative and strategic juices flowin’. Then the real fun stuff happens…research insights are coupled with creative and strategic ideas to accomplish the client’s marketing goal. The end result is a fully integrated marketing plan complete with strategy for how to connect with the target audience in a profound way, what to say (ad strategy), how to say it (creative strategy), and where it say it (media strategy).

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