TCA’s Favorite Ads of 2011

TCA’s Favorite Ads of 2011

Well, it’s 2012, folks. As we look back on 2011, aka The Year That Whizzed By, some of us at TCA wanted to share our most favoritest ads of the year with you. Spoiler: Google pretty much wins.

Jocelyn Rimbey, Digital Marketing Manager: If you don’t love Darth Vader Kid, you have a cold, cold heart.

Danielle Ali, Social Media Coordinator: I like this spot for the UK retailer John Lewis because it manages to be clever without being snarky, and touching without being cheesy – a big deal for a holiday ad. John Lewis sales were up £600million this holiday season, so I’d say it was a success.

Darren Easton, Vice President & Creative Director: My favorite print ad. Love it when one can dramatize an ad message so well that is based on a simple fact — which usually lends itself to a mundane execution.

Christina Drews-Leonard, Art Director & SEO Strategist: The Google+ Hangout Ad with the Muppets makes you wish more people were actually using this feature…

Tessa Carroll, Account Coordinator: I’m not sure what it is, whether it’s the relevance of the subject matter or the way it’s so eloquently put together, but the Google Chrome “It Gets Better” spot was definitely my favorite commercial of 2011.

Laura Farnham, Account Executive: What does chucking wood really mean? I like this commercial because its literal and makes me laugh every time… I like the little woodchuck hands too.

Anna Forbes, Account Executive: I don’t just love this because it’s a well executed spot that tells a story and made me super emotional. I love it because the “big bad Google,” was able to turn cold technology into the inspiring notion of how the digital world is part of who we are as people.

What was your favorite ad of 2011? Let us know here or on Twitter – there’s still room for honorable mentions!

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