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These summer ad campaigns are hot

Summer. A time for pool parties, vacation, warm weather, cookouts, steamed crabs and fun. To capitalize on the popularity of this season, companies are creating summer ad campaigns to encourage consumers to buy their products. Here are some of our favorites:



To kick off their summer ad campaign #SayItWithPepsi, Pepsi has created 100 5-second spots that will appear on both TV and Internet. The 5-second clips will feature Pepsi bottle labels with emojis participating in summer themed activities. But their campaign strategy doesn’t stop there, when consumers search online, their search terms will trigger specific spots in pre-roll. After partnering with Google to isolate key search words for summer, Pepsi’s marketing team created content that would be the most relevant to the user. Essentially, Pepsi is handpicking the messages that will be shown to their target audiences based on what they’re already interested in.




A survey done by Google and last year revealed that only 8% of consumers take part in Summer Fridays, the gift of getting a free day off or leaving the office between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. In an effort to capitalize on this trend, brands are creating advertisements with a Summer Friday theme. Some of our favorites include:

  • Leinenkugel has the hashtag LeinieFriday that they use to encourage business owners to give their employees the privilege of letting their employees over early on Fridays during the summer.
  • Spotify created their Summer Fridays channel for listeners that are lounging in the sun or partaking in other summertime activities.
  • Delta recently announced their “Go Fridays” campaign where they partnered with the workflow management system Slack. For the campaign Delta has bots within the Slack software that will encourage out of office responses in hopes that it will encourage employees to take weekend or week long trips.



This summer, Wendy’s partnered with the VML agency to create minute-long spot ads that feature recipe video spoofs to promote their summer blackberry salad. The goal of the campaign is to poke fun and show the amount of work that goes into creating a fresh and visually appealing salad.  Through quick cuts and subtitles, the videos draws viewers in and keeps their interest.







There’s been a rainbow makeover to the Goldfish brand. In an effort to show their acceptance of all types of love, select packaging of the tasty snack will feature a new multicolored fish logo. Along with the new logo design, Goldfish’s recognizable tagline “The snack that smiles back” will be adopted to the hashtag #ForAllFamilies. The new hashtag will be used to center a social media effort aimed at millennial-aged, same-sex households.



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