market research

“We love market research. Without it we wouldn’t be able to build the Taj Mahal of ads, brands and campaigns. It is our job to become experts on the industry of every brand we work with. We have to know the details of their consumers, their competitors, their products and services along with the environment they live in. This is the first step in every campaign and it’s a must. The end result of good market research is finding that unknown nugget about the market. The best part is assessing what makes your consumer tick, what are their habits and why do they love your product – ultimately discovering what makes the brand unique and successful. Market research is the foundation and groundwork necessary to build any successful campaign.”

– Danielle (23 year team member)

The “Factory Tour” – The Forgotten Component of Research

Over 50 years ago, a CD from the agency that represented Mobil Oil was on-site at their headquarters. He took a tour of the plant ...

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