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“Every day, more people are using multiple devices to consume and share content. With all those numerous devices it’s our job to have a seamless interactive experience across the board. The user has expectations that one, as a designer, must meet. Every new job is a chance to engage the audience and bring the product to them. It’s as much about communication and engagement as it is about having an enjoyable experience with that product.”

– Lucas

Fixing 404 Errors

The value of fixing 404 errors

If a site has linked to your site and later that content is deleted or moved, a visitor from that link will see a 404 ...
AMVETS Website Design and Development

Helping AMVETS Better Serve Those Who Serve Our Country

AMVETS was overdue for a major overhaul of their web presence. Their new site needed to be mobile-friendly and provide a far more effective tool ...
Grain Foods Foundation Website Functionality

Enhancing the Website Functionality for Grain Foods Foundation

We recently launched a new brand and web site for the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF),, a national trade association whose primary mission is to ...
day in the life of a web designer

A Day in the Life of a Web Designer

  When asked to do a blog post about a typical day for me, I had to step back and think about it. There really ...
Grains Food Foundation Website

Trade Association Rebrand Challenge

The Grain Foods Foundation (GFF), like many trade and commodity groups, serves diverse audiences, from doctors and dietitians to consumers, the media and their own ...
Preventing WordPress Hacking

Website Hacking Security Tips

"Oh no, my website has been hacked!" is being heard more often these days. It doesn't matter if your site is small or big, all ...
Website Launch Checklist

Website Development Launch Checklist

Developing a website can be a complex and tedious project. There are so many steps involved in determining the proper navigation, programming needs, content development, ...
Landing Page Optimization for Your Website

Every Page on Your Website is a Landing Page

Some marketers recommend landing pages as essentially a one-page offer with call to action and response form – and NO navigation options. In most cases, ...
Website Trends for 2014

Website Trends for 2014

As the web continues to evolve, new design and programming techniques are constantly surfacing to meet the demands of new mobile technology. At the close ...
Dream House Studios Website

New Web Design Lets Photography Shine Through

We’re thrilled to announce our latest website launch for Dream House Studios. The owners of Dream House Studios recently expanded their Interior Design business to ...
Using a CMS saves time and money

The Value of a Content Management System

From Wikipedia: A Content Management System (CMS) is a computer program that allows publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance from a central ...

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