direct marketing

We strategically plan to create a campaign to influence consumers directly by implementing messages, usually with a call to action, that uses personal contact information, ie: phone numbers, mailing addresses and email. These types of campaigns are advantageous to our clients because they reach the consumer directly, increases buzz, and drives them to your business with incentives and can ultimately create a positive return on investment, all done in a trackable, measurable form. With the evolution of internet, direct marketing doesn’t just have to involve elements such as direct mail. It can be emails and we now have the ability to capture personal information through internet ads, following trends through cookies. You can thank the internet for increasing our abilities to stalk people more efficiently.

horse and puppy

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Marketing strategy - segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Visualization of marketing strategy process, office in background, wide banner composition.

Nurture Marketing Essentials

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Over the Top Digital Marketing

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Vanity URL

6 Things I Love About a Good Vanity URL

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Direct Mail 101

Direct Mail 101: 5 Tips For Creating An Effective Postcard Mailing

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