“Advertising is a universal term to TCAers. It’s not just about paying to have a brand placed somewhere, it’s in everything we do. “Advertising” has been around forever in different forms of communication, persuasion and relationship building, but the best understanding of advertising is one that is constantly evolving to fit the world around us. But at the end of the day, tactics change, but the principles stay the same. Advertising is at its best when we’ve done our jobs to create strategic, integrated ads within a larger marketing presence.”

– Anna

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Favorite Campaigns in a Year Not So Favorite

It’s end of year “List” time again. The top this, the top that… In our world, we often talk about the best TV spots most ...
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The Rise of OTT Advertising for Restaurants

What is OTT Advertising? OTT (“over-the-top”) advertising is a form of targeted, programmatic ad delivery via Internet-connected TV sets. Popular streaming media platforms like Netflix, ...
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4 Tips to Running a Successful Digital Ad for Your School in the Time of Virtual Learning

In the age of virtual learning, schools across the world needed to adapt to a new normal. Goodbye to hangouts on the quad and sporting ...
Marketing Plans

Adjusting Marketing Plans for the Virtual World

Among many things, 2020 has been a year of many uncertainties and economic hardships, and the advertising industry has not been left unscathed. As the ...
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5 Tips for a Successful Virtual Meeting Using Screen Share

Screen sharing is a useful tool for hosting a virtual meeting and presentation, but, if not fully prepared, can lead to unwanted blunders. Here are ...

How Trade Associations Should Address Generation Gaps

Generation gaps commonly exist among trade association members. These gaps create differences in opinions and values among younger and older members, often leading to varying ...

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