Kristin Dyak, Digital Marketing Director, Offers Insights on Twitter Trends

Kristin Dyak, Digital Marketing Director, was featured as one of 20 Twitter Marketing Experts in a article, 21 Twitter marketing experts reveal the most overlooked aspect of Twitter trends that marketers should be aware of.

Kristin referenced two of The Cyphers Agency’s client services, real-time tweeting and digital graphic design, and one of its clients, the Grain Foods Foundation, in discussing how Twitter trends offers brands and businesses the opportunity to raise their visibility by entering the day’s conversations. She also warned, however, of what steps should be taken before deciding to enter a conversation.

Her full commentary reads:

Taking a bird’s eye view, the most overlooked aspect of Twitter trends is likely the opportunity that it offers marketers to enter conversations and raise the visibility of both themselves and their clients.

To take advantage of this opportunity, our digital marketing team populates our dashboard with trends for you, in order to see relevant news and conversations in our industry and nationwide, as well as geographic trends, so that we can monitor what’s going on in our region and community; sends an email to all staff each morning with the day’s top trending hashtags; and meets with all staff to discuss the trends and how they might match our agency and/or our clients.

We’ve been doing this every weekday for over a year and always end up posting at least one tweet related to digital marketing or advertising trends from our agency account, and almost always post a tweet for a client as well. The most recent, for example, consisted of a Twitter poll from the Grain Foods Foundation asking your favorite bun due to #NationalCheeseburgerDay trending on September 18th. While some trends aren’t so obvious, they can generate some great creativity – for example, another GFF tweet sharing an image that our creative department made of twisted pasta performing yoga on #NationalYogaDay.

All this said, it’s very important to remember a few things if you decide to enter the Twitter trends world:

  • You shouldn’t force yourself to participate in every conversation – sometimes there’s just no connection there, and that’s OK!
  • Always click through and look at the content that’s actually being posted in the thread – you might think a hashtag is connected to a certain topic that it isn’t, and doing this can save you from participating in a wrong (or VERY wrong) conversation!
  • Stay out of ALL of the MANY political conversations you’ll likely see!

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