Darren Easton, Cyphers VP & Creative Director, Tells Businesses to “Market Mindfully” in Baltimore Business Journal Column

Market Minduflly during PandemicBaltimore Business Journal published a column by Darren Easton, The Cyphers Agency Vice President and Creative Director, in the outlet’s weekly Viewpoint section featuring advice and perspectives on current events for the business community.

In “Why businesses should keep marketing — mindfully — during the pandemic,” Darren argued that while the COVID-19 pandemic might lead many businesses to feel that they should pull the plug or press pause on any level of marketing, doing so would be a mistake. As he put it:

“At a time when we could all stand to be reminded that life can and will go on, marketing can deliver the overarching message that we’re here, we get it and here’s how we can help.”

Read the full column here.

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