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Food and restaurant marketing is a world of its own and each food brand and location has a unique set of challenges. We delve into the heart of the brand and into the mind of your consumer. After years of experience, we have mastered the integration of creative approaches into social media engagement, campaigns, and promotions. We’re constantly refining our efforts to evolve with the needs of our client partners in managing everything from public relations and traditional advertising to packaging and point of sale.

UR Burger Brand Development

This new burger brand is made just for you.

Who doesn’t love a good burger? So juicy. So delicious. The problem is, burger joints are popping up everywhere these days (one is even called
Seasons SuperBowl Zone Ad

A Game Changing Campaign

As much fun as the Superbowl is to watch, it’s even better to plan a Superbowl campaign for one of your clients. Superbowl Sunday is
neo brand

Launching a New Restaurant Brand for Neo

When the owner of Neo told us his vision for his new restaurant concept, we were hooked. He knows his target audience (the ever-popular, big-spending,
Food Marketing to Millenials

Food Marketing To Millennials

You hear about them all the time, the Millennials. As children of the Baby Boomers, this group of 77 million 18-29 year olds is effectively
Grocery Marketing Trends

5 BIG Grocery Trends that have Food Marketers Pacing the Aisles

I returned from this year’s “Chicken Marketing Seminar” hosted by the National Chicken Council with interesting insights that extend well beyond the meat case. Several speakers
7 / 11 Day

7-11’s Gift to You

Heads up everyone, tomorrow is 7-11 Day which means free slurpees! And this year 7-11 have taken it to a whole new level by giving
Food Marketing for Children

Food Marketing Through the Eyes of a Child

As a parent it is always a challenge to incorporate healthy foods into your child’s diet…especially when you have a picky eater. What I’ve come
Shopping for Health Website

Thinking Beyond the Point of Sale to Reach Grocery Customers

Food brands are discovering great access to consumers through supermarket registered dietitians (RDs). Most chains employ a number of RDs or “consumer affairs advisors,” some
Hunt's vs Heinz Brand Food Marketing

Product Isn’t King After All

If you haven’t read Al Ries’s article on Ad Age this week, go do it now. The subject matter is a simple concept that many
Shopping for Health Website Design

New Ways Food Brands Can Reach Consumers at the Point of Sale – Part 2

In part 1 of this post, we told you about a great new resource for Supermarket Registered Dietitians. Well, the launch is official and you can now
Shopping for Health Website Design

New Ways Food Brands Can Reach Consumers at the Point of Sale

Supermarket Dietitians Crave Great Content In recent years, supermarkets have discovered that Registered Dietitians are powerful customer service and marketing tools. Almost every major grocery chain now
Food Brands Trends for 2014

Food Brands: Prepare for an Ugly 2014

Don’t worry; it’s not your sales that have to be ugly, it’s your food. Business Week recently shared details from JWT’s annual trends report predicting

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