Hey Meena!

Hey Meena!

Meet our Graphic Designer Meena Ng! In addition to her amazing design skills, Meena is an incredible videographer and leads our in-house video production team.

Hey Meena! Hi!

If you could pick a song to be your theme song, what would it be? If I could pick any song probably like Avengers theme song but realistically my life is not that epic. Probably like The Office theme song.

You have two plane tickets anywhere, where are you going and who’s coming with you? I’m going to say Hawaii and then in this fantasy I’d probably get Brendan Urie to come with me so he can sing to me the entire time.

You have the chance to swap lives with a fictional character. Who would you choose? Probably Arya from Game of Thrones. She’s epic.

What is the best ice cream flavor? I’m boring and I just like vanilla, but I think it’s the best.

What is your go-to pizza topping? Probably ham or sausage. I like pineapple, some spinach.

If you’re craving a midnight snack, what are you eating? Just like ice cream or some form of junk food. Not anything healthy.

Hey Meena! Hey!

You have one day to spend a million dollars, what do you do? Buy a beach house, eat a bunch of fancy foods and then donate the rest to some form of save the turtles charity.

What movie always makes you cry? Right now it’s gonna be End Game, but all time, Goodwill Hunting.

Which fashion trend would you bring back? I always like the motorcycle jacket look.

Ok, bye! Bye!

Meet our graphic designer Mike, here.

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