Meet Dana, Our New Account Intern!

Meet Dana, Our New Account Intern!

Bridget Meyers

Bridget Meyers

Bridget Meyers is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at the Cyphers Agency in Crofton, Maryland.

Hi everyone, my name is Dana Steffen and I am the new Account intern here at The Cypher’s Agency!

I am a recent Business graduate from Towson University as well as a new Maryland resident! Following graduation, I moved to Baltimore’s Federal Hill neighborhood. It has only been a few months, but I now have a true appreciation for Charm City, although I can’t yet tell you why it was given this nickname. I am originally from Long Island, New York, a state that neither emphasizes its flag or the crab.

In addition to all these changes in my life, I’ve adopted a Chihuahua mix named Petunia (note: I did not choose that name). She’s an amazing dog who has an awesome Instagram run by yours truly. Petunia and I are both on a health grind, but she’s destroying me and lost four pounds in the last two months. She has far more self-control than I do.

During my time at Towson University, I spent my days studying in Cook Library and my nights bartending at a typical college bar called B Lounge. If you have heard of B Lounge, then you’re welcome, and if you haven’t, then I definitely do not recommend going there. When I wasn’t studying away, I interned at an agency in their Social Media and Media departments. These internships created my love for the Ad agency world and secured my decision that I will not/ cannot be a bartender at B Lounge for the rest of my life.

I am so excited to start my next chapter at The Cypher’s Agency and I’m beyond happy to be part of their team- I can’t wait to see what my future here entails!

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