Helpful Tips to Repurpose Blogs into New Marketing Content

Blogs are a great resource to share information, demonstrate credibility, and connect with your audience. There are many ways to leverage and repurpose blog content across a variety of channels as part of your overall marketing strategy.  

Once you have crafted a well-written blog, you’ll want to strategize ways to share the information and repurpose the content. Here are a few tips for making sure you get the most out of your blog posts: 

1. Websites

All of your blog posts will live on your website automatically, but you can get creative with spreading that content in helpful ways across your web presence. For example, featuring the most recent blog post on your homepage or newsfeed can boost the real time feel of your web presence. Also be sure your post is well optimized, and easy for users to share on social media.  

2. Emails

Blogs can be a great content resource for your email marketing. You can feature several monthly posts snippets in a newsletter format, build an email around one particular blog post topic, or simply link back to your blog with teaser topics. No matter what you choose, leveraging existing blogs in emails can streamline the effort and minimize additional content development needs. 

3. Social media

Sharing your blog posts on social media can support your regular flow of content while helping to increase engagement rates. Just be sure the content is being repurposed strategically for each platform. For example, your LinkedIn share can be a traditional link and copy post while you may want to explore other formats on platforms like Instagram and create a story that links back to your blog. Don’t be afraid to customize the content, the platform, and the audience.    

In conclusion, blogs allow you the opportunity to communicate and engage with your audience. Although, blogs can be used in many ways depending on your marketing goals, your target audience should always be the number one factor for deciding where and how to share your blogs. 

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