Do You Know What a Full-Service Agency Can Provide for Restaurants?

In the competitive dining industry, effective marketing and advertising tactics can greatly enhance visibility, reputation and ultimately the bottom-lines for restaurants. The goal of both attracting new patrons and maintaining loyal customers can be a difficult feat to achieve, with so many avenues to explore and the desire for ROI. A full-service agency can not only offer marketing expertise and a cohesive strategy, but also an integrated and in-house execution of those efforts. That means a whole team dedicated and familiar with your business, working together to help you reach your goals.

Here is a sample of some of the key services a full-service agency can provide for your restaurant:

Branding Strategy and Design

Creating a brand new or fresh look for your restaurant can be a daunting task. A creative design team can not only develop and refresh logos, but also design menus, promotional ads, and other marketing collateral that can used for a variety of media placements. An account team will work closely in-house with the creative team to ensure all designs make strategic sense and adhere to the image that you want to portray for your restaurant while also maintaining a cohesive brand.

Social Media Marketing

There’s no doubt that social media marketing has become huge in the food industry. With the multitude of social platforms out there, it is crucial to not only nurture and grow your restaurant’s social presence, but also manage your reputation online. An agency social media team can provide daily monitoring of comments online, diverting negative comments and encouraging positive conversation. If you are just starting on social, platform and scheduling recommendations, content development and scheduling are just some of the ways we can help. 

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Public Relations Support

Public relations needs can either be planned or planned occurrences. Your restaurant may have a grand reopening event planned or need some fast-acting reputation recovery. Either way, an in-house public relations team is equipped and available to readily handle such needs. Through press releases, HARO monitoring and active pitching, a PR team can keep their pulse on and guide your restaurant’s public perception. They can also proactively coordinate food influencer partnerships and blogger relations which are huge in this industry and very effective in growing an audience.

Campaign Planning and Budgeting

Advertising special promotions or restaurant hosted events can be effectively done through a planned campaign. Once initial goals and strategy are analyzed, budgeting, vendor outreach and coordination can take place to ensure a successful campaign from start to finish. Mid-campaign optimizations final reporting can also be used to determine final ROI performance and discuss effective tactics for future campaigns. With the many parts involved in planning, running and ending a promotion, keeping all of those responsibilities within an agency can increase the efficiency and efficacy of the campaign.

Digital Marketing

In a digital world, an online presence for restaurants is critical for success. In addition to just being online, websites must also be intuitive, user-friendly and responsive (can you say online menus?!). Stepping up your website game may also include videos that showcase menu samples, restaurant ambiance and special events. Aside from having an amazing website, getting clients to find it is a huge part of gaining new patrons. SEO, paid search, geotargeting and display banners are a huge factor in generating consumer awareness. In-house web teams are able to complete all of the above tasks to ensure a robust online presence targeted to your restaurant’s key audience. 

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