Design Tips for Trade Association Research

trade association research

Published trade association research can be extensive and tedious to read when the audience may only be interested in the key points. Turning your immense research into a concise and appealing infographic can be a more interesting way to present information to your audience.

Beginning Steps to Take

Story board your research. What is your headline? What is the purpose of this infographic? Make sure to keep your headline short and direct for SEO purposes. Think about why this information is necessary and important to viewers. Keep in mind the key points you want to get across.

Condense your research into one main point you look to get across to your audience. There is no need to provide all the fluff and unnecessary points. Just focus on what is most important within the research. It’s also a great idea to consider hierarchy. Which of the main points are the most important and which are secondary? Overall, what is the information you want to convey in your infographic? 

Once you’ve finalized your main points, figure out which points of your research can be visualized. These can include tables, illustrations, icons, charts, and more. When creating visuals, keep them simple. Don’t overload each separate graphic with small details that won’t reach the eye at a moment’s glance. Each visual most be able to communicate the message clearly. Also keep in mind negative space, don’t overcrowd the graphics together.


If this research is coming from one specific trade association, keep in mind branding. Make sure that is implemented within the infographic and all of its variables. If this research is regarding trade associations as a whole, make sure the style of the graphic reflects the correct tone and is catered to the correct audience.

Keep each graphic properly aligned and make sure your entire infographic is well balanced. Use text/copy strategically and keep it legible. As far as the size and shape goes for this infographic, knowing which platforms and/or how this will be shared will give you insight on the most ideal sizing.

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