“You’re not an expert at all aspects of business. You’ve got to figure out what you’re good at; what you’re passionate about, and that’s the area of business you need to pursue. And then you have to surround yourself with the right people to fill in those gaps and complement you.”

Allison Akers and Grayson Orphe, hosts of Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation’s My ArundelBiz podcast, visited The Cyphers Agency to interview Dave Cyphers, President and founder. 

Dave discussed:

  • What compelled him to start the agency, and how he did it.
  • Why he moved the business to Crofton last year, and how the new office inspires creativity and collaboration.
  • His advice for others looking to start their own business.
  • How the agency has broadened its services to keep up with the constantly-evolving field of marketing.

Watch a YouTube video of the full interview here or visit the AAEDC website and follow the links to listen to it wherever you get your pods.