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Our Most Cherished Holiday Ads

‘Tis the season for countless glasses of egg nog and of course our favorite part, countless jolly holiday advertisements! We’ve created a “nice” list of our most cherished holiday ads throughout the years.

M&Ms Christmas Commercial: THEY DO EXIST!

This classic M&Ms commercial has aired every Christmas since 1996. It cleverly juxtaposes a disbelief in Santa Clause with the M&Ms mascots. On Christmas Eve, the M&Ms are putting out red and green M&Ms for Santa Clause instead of cookies when they unexpectedly run in to each other. This causes them both to faint! This ad displays a unique tie-in of the product with the holiday season. We hope this commercial continues airing for years to come.

Frankie’s Holiday, Apple 2016

Apple produced a tear-jerking commercial that combined How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Frankenstein. It displayed the iPhone twice, both times utilizing the recording feature to record and play the song “Home for the Holidays.” Apple succeeded in exhibiting product capabilities, but the real success was in the story telling and the message behind it— open your heart to everyone. Grab tissues for this one, please.


J’ai tant rêvé (I’ve Dreamt So Much), Intermarché

Intermarché, a French grocery store, released its holiday ad and it raises a great question—how does Santa, with his fat belly and holiday suit, fit down chimneys? The young girl and boy in this commercial are determined to get Santa down their chimney and to do so, they put him on a well needed diet. Using the very nutritious products purchased at Intermarché, the children bring Santa a very healthy lunch each day. By the end of the commercial, the children wake up Christmas morning with presents under their tree and a new love for healthy cooking. Intermarché tells an inspiring Christmas tale while promoting healthy eating in a discrete yet powerful way.

Parking Lot, Audi

Audi shows the real struggle of the holiday season— trying to find a parking spot in a packed mall. Two dads race off in their Audis, showing off the car’s speed, style, back up camera and brake power in pursuit of the last parking spot in the garage. Searching for a parking spot at the mall during the holiday season is easily the worst part of the holidays, but Audi turns this all- too-familiar struggle in to an exciting, suspenseful moment while displaying impressive product features.

We hope these ads gave you the holiday warm-and-fuzzies like they did for us. Didn’t see your favorite ad in the list? Share your most treasured holiday commercial, below!

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