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Video marketing has become an integral part of every brand’s marketing strategy. If it hasn’t, there may need to be some rethinking on the
The primary objective of establishing the new Baxter Baker Law brand and website was to create an environment that separates their firm from traditional
Restaurant branding can be used to tell a story even before the guest takes their first bite. Some of these color trends for restaurants
Now more than ever, establishing trust in a doctor-patient relationship even before scheduling an appointment will influence a consumer’s decision to seek treatment. It
In today’s environment, the competition in the medical field is extremely competitive. With the healthcare market expanding to include more opportunities for patient care
When someone says, “let’s do Mexican tonight,” you want people to know your restaurant immediately when mentioned in that list of options. That’s brand
Everyone has a bank. But no one wants to switch. This is just one of the complex marketing challenges that banks face in the financial
Nonprofit organizations often find themselves in a tricky marketing situation. How do you raise awareness of your brand and connect emotionally with your target
A well-defined and executed brand development strategy affects all aspects of a business and should be based on consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.
Offering promotional products is a great way to get your brand’s name in front of a large audience, and if done right, stick with
“I am stuck on Band-Aid, ‘cause a Band-Aid’s stuck on me!” You’ve heard this commercial a million times— in fact, I’m sure you sang
Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many retailers are prepping for the influx of e-commerce traffic by offering competitive pricing sales and extending store
There are very few brands that can get away with changing their name without comments from their consumers. What if we told you that
After about five years or so, most brands get itchy to rebrand. It’s a knee jerk reaction that is just that, an unwarranted, automatic
Lesson 1: Stay True to Brand Values— Be Consistent John Snow John Snow is forthright, honest and always acting in the best interests of

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