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Transparency is King

A flaw in a diamond is called an inclusion, and if there’s an inclusion in the diamond you gave your significant other, she’ll find it.

Advertising to Gain Market Share

Let’s face it, this recession’s got everyone down… Well, not everyone. Marketers have a unique opportunity during these hard economic times, the opportunity to gain

What is social marketing?

Here’s the question for the week – “What is social marketing?”. Social marketing uses the same marketing principles used to sell products to consumers as

Wild Posting

Advertising Questions of the Week

I’m starting a new feature  called the advertising question of the week. Each week we will post a question about advertising and answer it.  The

Welcome to the Neighborhood

I wanted to share the completed brand image commercial for American Insurance I told you about: The American Insurance brand is all about being the

The great advertising gear giveaway!

The Cyphers Agency has some nice advertising merchandise available through our website. Visit our site and click on the link “shop” at the bottom. Choose

I’d Shop There

I wanted to share the completed Appalachian Spring branding.  We did some intense research and strategizing to arrive at the new brand.  Appalachian Spring has great product offerings

Save Your Ears

Freshman year of college I was a deaf studies major.  The first few classes I took in the major I learned a lot about how quickly

Small Agency Diary

Killer Headlines

Google Reader headlines and email subject lines are steering toward agencies in review, big-name retailers pulling out of previously routine media buys, budget cuts, spending

Oldie But Goodie Marketing Techniques

I came across this great read and thought it was certainly worth sharing. There’s some good stuff in here.  In this industry we’re always striving for something new,

Revealing Movie Trailers – Part 2

Continuing from the last post…. What impresses me about these upcoming movies is that they’re marketing directly to comic book fans in a way that

Revealing Movie Trailers

When I went to see The Dark Knight along with the masses a couple of weeks ago I noticed something interesting in the previews.  Two,

New Kicks

I thought this very cool collaboration was worth sharing.  I think it’s a great example of marketers in a highly competitive, fast paced industry realizing

Graffiti Artists Like Refrigerators?

In reading through my Creativity emails I stumbled upon General Electric’s series of ads for their new write-on refrigerator.  As you can see, they’re pretty

YouTube Goes Toddler

Most everyone knows there’s a generational gap with technology….you know, the whole understanding that Generations X and Y and are so much faster to adopt