Case Study: Shavitz Law Group Brand and Website Development

Challenge – Create a law firm brand and website that educates and motivates workers who may have a legal case against their employer to act. Essentially, we needed to create a site that did not look or function like a boring law firm website! Shavitz Law Group helps protect employees’ legal rights in the workplace. The most common issues involve employers who don’t pay overtime wages when they should, but cases can also involve discrimination, “whistleblowers” who are penalized by their employers, or unequal pay issues. Their website is an important lead generator, since the firm works to build class action lawsuits that cover many employees who have suffered similar illegal treatment from the same company. 

Solution – The most important step was the creation of a brand that focuses on what is really important to workers – their precious time. Instead of the common, trite “David and Goliath” themes or “we’re in your corner” messages that many law firms use, the images and headlines we developed for Shavitz seek to connect with people in a direct, emotional way. We wanted the audience to quickly realize that Shavitz really does appreciate what is at stake and will fight hard for the money they are owed. Imagery along these lines appears throughout the site, using different family and personal situations to reinforce the message. 

The content and functionality of this site is also different. There is an easy, interactive “Wins” page that demonstrates the firm’s ongoing success. The practice areas are explained quickly and simply in terms laypeople can easily understand. There are strong calls to action throughout the site to encourage visitors to act – and provide great tracking for the law firm. Even the “About” page talks as much about the workers they represent as it does about the firm itself.  

Results – Shavitz Law Group is a private company that cannot share specifics about their marketing efforts, but they are willing to confirm that their lead generation has increased significantly with the new website. Their team believes the warm, clear presentation of their brand and core messages has translated into not only more leads, but also more qualified prospects that are easier to convert to clients.

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