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Case Study: SNAC International

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As the only snack-centric trade association, SNAC International represents over 400 companies worldwide spanning all facets of the snack industry supply chain. Their biennial trade show, SNAXPO, attracts thousands of professionals seeking processing equipment, innovative packaging solutions, ingredients, seasoning and flavors, and more. In a post-pandemic environment where events slowly returned and attendees began to feel more comfortable with large-scale shows, SNAC leadership challenged us to grow attendee and exhibitor numbers above and beyond pre-pandemic levels.


To break through today’s cluttered B2B marketing environment, we implemented a highly integrated campaign to connect with current and potential attendees and exhibitors, including social (organic and paid), email, paid search, voice and text (SMS) messaging, digital ads (retargeting, programmatic), public relations, media partnerships, and more. We opened registration seven months ahead of the conference to allow for extensive promotion of event features, speakers, “who’s coming” teasers as well as early bird discounts across all of our outlets.

Highlights included:

  • Geofencing – Captured IP addresses from attendees at industry-related events throughout the prior year to generate exhibitor and attendee prospects.
  • Ringless Voicemail – Deployed unobtrusive direct to voicemail messages to share important dates, speaker announcements, and event features. 
  • SMS – Delivered highly-trackable text campaigns to drive registrations.
  • Google – Expanded paid search to target broader industry related terms. 
  • Retargeting – Delivered ads to visitors who engaged with SNAC’s corporate website and event microsite.
  • Email – Developed and deployed a robust series of 35+ event-focused emails to member and prospect audiences. 
  • LinkedIn – In addition to targeted ads, our team built connections and led personal outreach on behalf of association leaders to secure exhibitors. 
  • Exhibitor Engagement Tools – Leveraged Feathr, a non-profit marketing platform, to provide exhibitors with a turn-key process to send email invites to clients and post auto-generated social images and banners ads. 
  • Trade Media Partnerships – Negotiated booth space / sponsorships in exchange for marketing exposure with key industry outlets.
  • All The Things – Webinars, promo flyers, QR codes, teaser videos – tools to promote the event were incorporated across all association activities and communications.
SNAXPO posters
Snaxpo ad
Snax to the Max ad
Early bird Snaxpo registration ad
Snax to the Max social media post
Social media post with Snaxpo images
Banner ad for SNAXpo


  • Our wide range of integrated promotions pushed us well over the pre-pandemic high water mark.
  • Our personalized approach to exhibitor outreach paid off by attracting 12.6% more companies to exhibit
  • We delivered a whopping 80% increase in overall booth space rented.
Attendees at SNAXpo

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