Seasons Pizza

seasons pizza franchisor

How to effectively leverage marketing support for franchise locations without geographic concentration.


Seasons Pizza is a fast-casual brand with 35 mid-Atlantic locations. Like many franchise groups, their locations are too spread out to justify traditional mass media.


  • Strong creative concepts, clever promotions – From our initial positioning “So Fresh We Should be Slapped,” to new, edgy ideas for each seasonal, daypart or product promotion – creative that commands attention is key to our success.
  • While discount offers are important in this space, we are careful not to cheapen the brand and let customers become overly dependent on deals.
  • Smart, cost-effective media strategies that are both digital and well-integrated at the point-of-sale.
  • Robust Facebook and Twitter campaigns – fresh, highly engaging content, highly targeted Facebook ads and boosted posts.
  • Email marketing – we leverage their extensive online ordering database to increase frequency and loyalty.
  • Programmatic marketing – we apply cutting edge digital ad networks that target each local audience across devices, connecting relevant offers with them at the right time and place.
  • Additional tailored campaigns boost activity for underperforming units.
  • Point-of-Sale follow-through helps drive purchase decisions: banners, bandit signs, table tents, POS handouts, pizza box stickers.


  • Year over year sales have been up 15% each of the last two years. Results are even better for most underperforming stores who received further customized support.
  • Overall marketing spend is down 20% from the mass media buys that were attempted before Cyphers guided the marketing effort.

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