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Turn-key marketing campaigns created for 450+ worldwide franchise network


Franchisee and co-op managers in this network have demanding schedules, varying degrees of marketing expertise and operate within a highly competitive space. They needed strong creative with detailed instructions to encourage implementation of fully integrated campaigns in a timely, consistent manner.


  • Designed four annual campaigns, each strategically focused on a seasonal customer need, such as air conditioning for summer.
  • Established a detailed brand personality profile for “Denise,” the brand’s primary target audience: busy, working Moms that are the “CEO’s” of their household.
  • Created striking, instantly memorable creative concepts.
  • Produced national television spots that were easily tagged for local offers and contact info.
  • Developed comprehensive, but easy to digest marketing guides that broke down implementation to three zones for franchise owners: In-Store (point-of-sale), Drive-By (signage) and 3-5 Mile Radius (advertising, direct mail).
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  • Creative and execution approvals sailed through national Franchise Advisory Committee.
  • 20% greater franchise participation in seasonal promotions.
  • Year over year sales boost posted in 75% of markets for the month(s) of each campaign.

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