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Build comprehensive digital lead generation program for regional franchise co-ops

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This group of owners spanning two large metro areas was frustrated with waning response from traditional direct mail and television ads. They knew online marketing was likely the new key to effective lead generation and some had even taken a stab at it. But the group had no idea how to efficiently integrate online marketing outlets. They also needed an approach that would deliver results equitably for all locations.


  • Our key approach was a regional microsite that allowed us to pool resources from all co-op owners. We could then create Google Adwords campaigns, both regionally and for each location, that magnified results rather than cannibalizing each other.
  • More than a highly optimized landing page, this site included an active blog that fueled SEO value and engaged parents who were not yet ready to submit a contact form.
  • The ad strategy was led by upbeat, positive messages about realizing potential instead of the scare tactics that dominated this market at the time. Messaging was refined for three parent audiences: elementary, middle school and SAT/ACT prep.
  • Maximized local, natural SEO potential, by driving traffic to the individual location web sites: leveraged Google Places and pushed out local content to connect with area schools and groups. This allowed us to outrank local competitors.
  • Launched a regional Facebook and Twitter presence to combine local groups into a sizeable, active audience. All locations benefited from the efforts that drove leads and offered wary prospects a friendly community.
  • Implemented an innovative Facebook ad campaign that directly targeted high school students concerned about SAT/ACT prep.
  • Strategically placed network TV buys were coordinated with spikes in online ad spending for each 3-week period when report cards come home through the school year.


  • Averaged 40% increase in lead generation over previous years.
  • New online marketing initiatives saw performance that far outpaced any other source.
  • Corporate rolled out new programs in paid search, natural SEO and social media modeled after the programs we spearheaded.

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