Hospice of the Chesapeake

Case Study: Hospice of the Chesapeake

Name, Brand Development and Promotion

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This well respected, regional non-profit needed to update and strengthen its brand identity. The organization was expanding their service area to southern Maryland, while fending off for-profit entities that were aggressively entering the market. There was also a need to better communicate the range of services they provide beyond end-of-life care as the organization had outgrown its name but could not change it for legal reasons. To develop our strategy, we researched competitors, industry trends, and sought stakeholder input, from staff, board members and donors, to healthcare professionals and referral sources.

Billboard for Hospice of the Chesapeake with message "There for the ongoing care of a loved one"


Several phases of research lead to key insights that helped tap into the commonality among both doctors and patients: theywanted someone they could rely on. While doctors and medical staff needed to know that ahospice organization was going to be reliable, consistent and professional in caring for their patients, families needed to know they could trust the organization with the care of a loved one and be confident that they’d be there when needed. This insight fueled thebrand strategy from the messaging to the tone that helped create a new family of brands that represents Hospice of the Chesapeake as the professional, caring, reliable team that they are, whether it’s in traditional hospice, palliative care or at
the Chesapeake Life Center.

We renamed their broader support arm “Chesapeake Supportive Care” creating  a separate but complementary brand to  the over-arching entity, Hospice of the Chesapeake. We created digital, print, radio, video pre-roll, OTT and outdoor ads to launch the brand and build awareness across Anne Arundel and Prince George’s counties. Later the campaign expanded to help introduce Hospice of the Chesapeake  to families and healthcare providers in  Charles and Calvert counties.

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  • The timely and successful launch of the new brand helped Hospice of the Chesapeake successfully expand its service area while reinforcing its role in existing markets.
  • National companies seeking to take market share have been slowed.
  • The Supportive Care division has grown significantly as more of the public appreciates the help they can provide through palliative care and grief counseling.
Email from Hospice of Chesapeake with message "Supportive care for hospice" infographic
Care Plan Include for the Patient?
When is the right time to start each type of care?
Where is care provided?
Deos insurance cover each type of care?
What are the main key differences?
Supportive Care and Hospice Care
Doctor and patient

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