Chesapeake Crossroads Choose Your Story

Case Study: Chesapeake Crossroads

Name and Brand Development and Promotion


One of Maryland’s 13 certified heritage areas, known as “Four Rivers Heritage Area,” needed a new name and brand identity that would be more meaningful and memorable. This non-profit was also significantly expanding its activities and attractions across northern and western Anne Arundel County, so its previous name was no longer adequate or accurate.

Pick up a little history this weekend ad for Chesapeake Crossroads shows a family in a car with a statue of Frederick Douglas in the back seat


This group is a coalition of government, private and non-profit entities representing nearly 100 different organizations. So, a major focus was meeting with cross-sections of stakeholders to hear their perspectives and develop a complete picture of the brand, from the target audiences to what is truly unique about this diverse heritage area. We brought key constituents along with us through several guided branding working sessions, as we developed a Creative Brief and worked through new potential names and the brand identity. We achieved consensus around our proposed new name, Chesapeake Crossroads. With the supporting elements, graphics and tagline, “Choose your story,” we developed ads and applied the new concept to the website to create a foundation that partners could leverage to build the new brand.


  • Our careful, inclusive process led to eager adoption of the new brand by partners throughout the heritage area. This was key because a limited marketing budget meant we needed to depend on public relations and promotion by many of the partners to spread the word and reinforce the new messaging.
Include a Little History with Your Chores this Weekend Ad for Chesapeake Crossroads shows girl sweeping with old fashioned broom in barn

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