Building A Medical Practice Brand

In today’s environment, the competition in the medical field is extremely competitive. With the healthcare market expanding to include more opportunities for patient care – walk-in clinics, urgent care networks, satellite hospital systems and larger private practices — it is increasingly more important for medical organizations to develop a distinct medical practice brand to gain and keep the attention of patients. 

In today’s market, patients are not so much concerned about the size of a practice as they are about the kind of care given to them – from the physician and staff. Key practice focus areas should include patient satisfaction and loyalty; as well as developing a reputation based on: 

medical practice brand
  • Commitment – A practice that cares for a patient’s future 
  • Reliability – A practice does what it says
  • Reputation – Patients like what the practice has to offer
  • Responsiveness – Patients are pleased the practice responds to their needs

Here are a few strategies to build practice brand awareness:

  • Define target audience and create visual branding elements such as a logo and tagline. These visual elements must convey the same feeling that you want patients to experience when they come into your office. 
  • Maintain continuous communication. Patients like to feel connected. They expect a steady flow of information coming from the practice either through email or social media.
  • Implement and build a long-term reputation management strategy including online reviews and patient surveys. 
  • Use SEO to drive traffic to your website. Include relevant keywords and phrases in website content to ensure your brand remains on top of search engine results. 

In closing, a medical practice is a people business. The actions of the doctor and staff reflect the overall medical practice brand. A practice that is true to its brand will separate itself from competitors and the patients are sure to notice the difference!

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