Make your food photography stand out

Focus attention and take your food pics from ho-hum to YUM!

Adobe Create Magazine featured a new tool for Photoshop users that transmutes photos into a watercolor painting. This is achieved by using the Watercolor Artist Action set. Those of you who love photoshop should pick it up and try it. We recognize this tool as another opportunity to make our client’s product or message stand out. We believe an on-target, branded message is essential to any campaign and a quality photograph should drive home that message.

Focusing the audience’s attention can be the difference between a successful campaign or missing the mark. To do this, you need to use the correct and most dynamic image for an advertisement. For example: The first image below of the burger (fig.a) is nice, but if the focus of the campaign is how wonderful the burger is, the other details, food and decoration might dilute your message.

Cheeseburger, fries, pickles and tomatoes before watercolor effect
Fig. a. Busy image of fries, cutting board, pickles, tomatoes and a burger.

The second image (fig. b.) mutes the other visual information so the burger really pops off the page.

Cheeseburger with a watercolor background
Fig. b. Watercolor effect and light shading centers attention on your main subject. In this case, a delicious burger.

Focus your audience’s attention to drive home your message. Oftentimes you only get a few moments of consideration before they move on, make sure they come away with the intended message.

individual with a watercolor background
Three people standing

We use a wide selection of techniques, not just images, to drive a branded campaign. Traditional advertising, social media, micro-sites, articles and printed pieces are some ways we can bring value to our clients. For more information visit our blogs or ask us how we can increase the impact of your next campaign.

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