The Problems with Outsourcing Design

Outsourcing is quickly becoming the ‘trendy new thing’ and answers the question to the ills of poor design, and the need to reduce costs in cash strapped days. Any way to make design needs cheaper and faster is extremely desirable. But, is it right? Rapidly taking up an idea without considering its suitability to the problem or to the desired results can be extremely risky. Consider these viewpoints containing the problems with outsourcing design when deciding about outsourcing for yourself.

One response to “The Problems with Outsourcing Design”

  1. Lou Geiger says:

    Agree with these common outsourcing problems… add tho the list lower margins and lost revenue! Unfortunately for many, technology complexities and costs lead to this tail-wagging-the-dog trend. The need is to provide designers, marketing, and other business professionals with hands-on creative controls. I recently spoke with a VP/Director of Marketing at a global ad group, in a nutshell, the more they’ve grown the higher the wall between creative and creative execution… “we’re out-sourcing to other departments… it’s frustrating.” As we approach this year gone by and anticipate yet another chance to renew our commitment to creative, consider your in-source opportunities — placing the right tools in the right hands will produce amazing results.