New Tools & Tech in Design

Figma Figma has gained popularity in usage over the past year. Designers (Charli Marie to name one) have switched from Sketch (the previous champion of screen design software). In the last few years Figma, Framer, Invision and Adobe have all launched products to compete in this space. It seems like Figma’s minimalist UI, advanced prototypingRead more

Access for All – ADA Compliancy

Senior gets help accessing website
Having a website that is accessible to all people just makes sense. You need to consider the requirements set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA. Making a website more useful for someone with color blindness, low vision or blindness is possible following the guidelines for ADA compliancy. The following types of businessesRead more

Designing Websites for Companies with Multiple Locations

When designing a website for a company with many locations the biggest thing to consider is how to get the locations’ relevant and unique information to the customer as efficiently as possible. What sets each location apart? Here are some examples: Distance from home/current location Address and how to get there The location’s hours ReviewsRead more

TBT Websites Then Vs. Now

Original Amazon Website Screenshot
Looking back in time and trying to remember what websites used to be like in 90s is hard. I remember the first websites I did were all image-based. We used to create a main image and then slice the images up into smaller, easier to load files and place them into tables on an HTMLRead more

Anne Arundel Dermatology Launches Cosmetic Website

Anne Arundel Dermatology offers a range of adult and pediatric dermatology services, Mohs Micrographic Surgery for treatment of skin cancer and dermatopathology to examine and diagnose lab results. In addition to general dermatology, they have recently launched a certified medical clinical cosmetic program at many of their locations. When launching the cosmetic program, it was essentialRead more

Quick Tips for Optimizing Images for the Web

Optimized Image for the Web in GIF format
You can make your blog post look more interesting and get more people to read it by adding a memorable image or two. On the other hand you can slow down the speed of your website and frustrate and drive away readers with images in your blog posts. Huh, this is confusing. Should I addRead more

A Campaign to Promote Early Detection of Skin Cancer

Get Checked for Skin Cancer Website
During Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we were excited to partner with one of our favorite clients, Anne Arundel Dermatology to create an awareness campaign about the importance of early detection. The 5-year survival rate for patients whose melanoma is detected early is about 97%. The 5-year survival rate falls to 15% for those with advancedRead more

Enhancing the Website Functionality for Grain Foods Foundation

Grain Foods Foundation Website Functionality
We recently launched a new brand and web site for the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF),, a national trade association whose primary mission is to be a helpful, expert group of thought leaders and advocates for all grain foods. When developing the web site strategy and goals it was important to establish a GFF brandRead more

Creatively Leveraging Existing Interactive Technology and Frameworks

CSS Front end Frameworks with comparison By
We in the creative world often ask ourselves, “Where do I begin?” We find inspiration through agency blogs or through stumbling on agency work through other outlets, like Twitter or Facebook. Then come sketches and brain storms and meetings and phone calls. The implementation slowly building through wireframes, sitemaps and further meetings with the minds.Read more

Parallax Scrolling Brings the Pazzaz

Parallax scrolling is a growing trend in the web design community that makes websites badass. Like really, it’s awesome. Parallax isn’t new to web design, it’s actually a physics concept. It’s the effect whereby the position of an object appears to differ when viewed from different angle or position. Ok, this time in English: WhenRead more