Best Baseball Giveaways

Baltimore orioles wine stopper
With September upon us, the majority of Major League Baseball (MLB) teams already know if they’ll be making the playoffs or should start thinking about next year. But whatever their record and rank, they all face the same challenge- How to put butts in seats?! For all 30 MLB teams an easy answer is betterRead more

Meet Kelly, Our Newest Digital Marketing Coordinator

Hi everyone! I’m back! My name is Kelly Flanagan, and I am the new Digital Marketing Coordinator! Returning after back to back internships at The Cyphers Agency in the summers of 2014 and 2015, I am so excited to continue growing here! After graduating from The Catholic University of America with a degree in MediaRead more

Are You Media Friendly?

Whether you’re excited to field your first interview or you consider yourself an old pro, ask yourself: am I media friendly? This entails having your website in order, establishing media protocols and keeping priorities in check. We’ve created a checklist to maximize your media relations:   Check your website. You should have basic FAQ informationRead more

Targeting the New Generation

The youths of today, also known as “Generation Z”, are the new faces of consumers. They are the first to grow up completely digital-savvy. Social media has a completely different meaning for them. It’s not just a platform for keeping up with friends, but a way for them to engage and interact with brands. ShoppercentricRead more

Meet Kayla, Our Newest Account Executive

Hello!  My name is Kayla Twain and you’re looking at the newest Account Executive at The Cyphers Agency.  I can’t wait to examine client profiles, learn business needs, and bring organizations to the next level with innovative campaigns, fresh marketing concepts, and bold creative choices. I received my BA in Mass Communications with specializations inRead more

A Day in the Life — Account Coordinator

The beauty of my job is every day is an adventure. Each day bring its own to do lists, tasks and deadlines. From job writing to email and blog execution, brainstorming, emails, client meetings, it is all in a day’s work. 6:15am — Rise and Shine! My mornings start with a coffee date with myRead more

The Power of Brand Engagement

In 2016, our culture has been defined as “participatory,” especially online. Recent research reveals that consumers feel rewarded when they share their personal thoughts and experiences. And that insight explains why selfies, food pics, check-ins and posts about exactly what someone is doing during the day, no matter how boring or irrelevant it is, hasRead more

How Design Affects Consumer Decisions

Think back to the last in-store purchase you made… What did you buy it? Did you just pick it up off the shelf and mosey on your way or did you ponder your decision for some time? I don’t know about you, but for me, even a simple toilet paper run turns into what seemsRead more

A Campaign to Celebrate 100 Years of History

It’s not often that we get to help one of our clients celebrate 100 years of history. It’s been especially fun working with B. Frank Joy to develop their 100 year anniversary campaign. They’ve been around so long, their first jobs in underground infrastructure used a horse and buggy! With such a rich history, itRead more

Join us for a Social Media Session with the AFP

We’re excited to announce that we will be speaking at the AFP, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Maryland Chapter’s annual Fundraising Day in Maryland on Monday, May 9th, a day-long workshop designed for fundraisers at all levels of experience and in all types of organizations. Our session, “The latest ways to leverage social media to maximize fundraising success,” willRead more