How ‘Bout Them Super Bowl Ads?!

Millions of Americans tuned in to CBS last night hoping to watch a Super Bowl that was hyped as an inevitably great matchup of two of the NFL’s most high-powered offenses, the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. We were also promised a gripping saga of youthful vigor – 33-year-old wunderkind coach SeanRead more

How to Reach Generation Z without Television

Generation Z kids don’t watch tv. No really…if you ask them they’ll tell you they don’t watch tv. While it’s not true in a technical sense, it is true that they consume television and video content quite differently than their previous cohorts. Born into a highly technological era, Generation Z consumers have shorter attention spansRead more

Holiday Design-Palooza

Season's Pizza New Years Specials on Twitter
Here at the Cyphers Agency, we’ve been busy dreaming up holiday promotions for our clients. See a few we created recently: Other agencies have also been hard at work this year end. Here are a few campaigns that caught my eye – Kmart and Joe Boxer’s fun dancing pregnant jammie ladies –   Apple’s touchingRead more

TV Targeting: Archaic or Enduring?

Television. The once goddess of the ad world. We don’t talk too much about progression in advertising when it comes to the tube. Maybe it’s because TV targeting seems to be working just fine. Or maybe it’s because TV is getting a dosage of oldest child syndrome: bypassed/neglected/ignored for the newborn (social media).

Advertising 101 – Pt 2, Effective TV Buying

I once used to work with an independent owner of a company that was of the philosophy that more is better, meaning, buy the cheaper spots on TV because I can get more commercials. What he didn’t take into consideration was that those spots are cheaper because less people are watching that particular station orRead more

Interactive Horror Movie & Campaign Takes Cannes Lions (and us) By Storm

Last Call, a dark and interactive horror film created by German horror channel 13th Street, just scored a top prize at the Cannes Lions. Owned by NBC Universal, 13th Street’s take on branding goes above and beyond anything we’ve seen lately. Interactivity The movie-turned-commercial is interactively groundbreaking; it uses new technology to allow the audienceRead more

Appealing to Your Target Audience with Humor

I recently saw a commercial that made me laugh out loud (which is a rare thing). The product advertised was Old Spice Body Wash. The commercial (and a shorter version) appeared during breaks in comedy sitcoms – so I think it was perfectly targeted for the audiences that were likely to be watching. Take aRead more

My Favorite Commercial

Usually we like to use our blog to comment on industry trends, or significant campaigns in the advertising world. Today though, I’d like to keep it personal, and show you one of my favorite advertisements of all time. And I encourage you to do the same; please post your favorite ads in the comments section.Read more

Welcome to the Neighborhood

I wanted to share the completed brand image commercial for American Insurance I told you about: The American Insurance brand is all about being the local, neighborly company you can count on for proper coverage. Through an intense search by our team, we successfully found the right neighborhood and talent to represent the brand andRead more