2018 Design Trends to Look Out For

Bright colors design trend for 2018
Each year, design trends get edgier as designers and artists continue to push the limits, experiment and tap deeper into their imaginations. Here’s a list of what you can expect to see throughout 2018: TREND: GRAPHIC CRAZES the glitch effect the ruined effect color channels effect effect TREND: DOUBLES double exposure double exposure duotone doubleRead more

The Cyphers Agency Playlist

Happy Friday and happy first day of December! The colder it gets and the closer the holidays become, motivation can lack just a tad (sorry, Dave!). Luckily we’re a music loving office and we’ve put together a playlist of songs that keep us focused, make us happy, help us through the day or are justRead more

These summer ad campaigns are hot

Summer. A time for pool parties, vacation, warm weather, cookouts, steamed crabs and fun. To capitalize on the popularity of this season, companies are creating summer ad campaigns to encourage consumers to buy their products. Here are some of our favorites: Pepsi To kick off their summer ad campaign #SayItWithPepsi, Pepsi has created 100 5-secondRead more

2015 holiday campaigns to remember

holiday campaign REI
Every year unfortunately, the Christmas holiday advertising starts around Halloween and does not let up until Santa’s sleigh is overflowing. As much as it irritates me as a consumer, I do enjoy analyzing it all for creativity and effectiveness as a professional. While some holiday marketing is intended to simply make you feel all warmRead more

2015 Holiday Gifts for Marketers and Advertisers

gifts for marketers
ALERT: There are only 15 days left until Christmas. Well, you probably knew that because every store has been emailing you, playing commercials and sending you flyers about their latest promotions. But in any case, there are always those shoppers who wait until the last minute to buy gifts for their family, friends and coworkers;Read more

Milk Gets a Strategy Makeover

Milk Life Ad Campaign
If you haven’t seen the new “Milk Life” campaign yet it’s worth taking a look.     The Milk Processor Education Program is moving away from the “Got Milk” tagline after almost 20 years. While the old “Got Milk” campaigns will always be near and dear to my heart, I’m definitely on board with theRead more

Easy Jobs Are for Chumps

When work feels overwhelming remember that you're going to die
I recently read about a rather fascinating study conducted in South Korea, after the government officially shortened the work week from 6 days to 5. Surprisingly, it did not have the positive impact on the population’s happiness that was expected. It got me thinking about what makes me happy. At work, at home, in theRead more