Top Search Engine Breakdown

Top Search Engines
What’s new in the world of search engines? Over the past year, as I checked Google analytics reports for clients’ websites, I noticed that Google is by far still the most popular search engine. Other search engines sending traffic consistently were Bing and Yahoo. Bing is steadily gaining more search traffic than Yahoo. DuckDuckGo isRead more

5 Easy Ways to Improve a New Website’s SEO

SEO Tips for New Websites
If you have a new website that isn’t coming up in the search engine results, use these tips to help improve its search engine optimization or SEO: Add Google Analytics – Tracking the visitors to your site can give you valuable information to help you improve your website. Sign up for a Google account hereRead more

Exorcising Ghost Referral Traffic from Google Analytics

Filtering ghost referral traffic in Google Analytics
If you look at Google Analytic reports for your website, you probably have noticed an increase in traffic to your site from sites you probably don’t recognize. This is referrer spam or ghost traffic. You can see this report under Aquisition and then All Traffic and then Source/Medium. These sites provide no benefit to yourRead more

Getting Into the New Google 3-Pack

Google three pack map results
Local search results on Google have changed recently as Google reduced the number of map results they show from seven to three. This 3-pack makes it harder for your site to show up in the first organic (or non-paid) listings in a search. According to Search Engine News, “The new Local 3 Packs now sitRead more

Be Near Me – The Benefits of Local Business Advertising

You Are Here Local Business Advertising Tips
Improve your local organic search results – Claim and update important local business listings like Yelp and Google Business. Use a local number and remember to include operating hours. This will ensure your listing shows up in mobile search during the hours your business is open. Mobile searches are local searches Think with Google’s researchRead more

Don’t Give Up on SEO Yet

Organic Search Engine Results are Hard to Find
It’s getting harder to find the non-paid results in the search engine results, but SEO is still important for your website. SEO’s goal is to make your website easy to find. Every business wants to be found by the customers who are looking for them. It is getting harder to find the organic, non-paid resultsRead more

Pinterest: An SEO Specialist’s New Best Friend

Improve search engine optimization with Pinterest
As many Search Engine Optimization specialists can tell you, SEO often requires creative, out-of-the-box thinking in order to find new and effective ways build relevant links and manage pertinent keywords to keep sites optimized. They are always checking out new tools and looking for ways to help support these everyday efforts. Our SEO gurus haveRead more

Does Google+ affect SEO?

For the most part we all know Google has a new social networking service called  Google+ which allows you to share links, photos, updates and video chat with different groups of people. Google calls these groups “circles,” and you can create a circle for your family or your co-workers and share a link to only the peopleRead more