Chesapeake Veterinary Referral Center of Annapolis Grand Opening Campaign

Chesapeake Veterinary Referral Center (CVRC) is a specialty veterinary practice with multiple locations throughout Maryland. While conventional veterinary centers function as primary medical care for animals and refer patients to outside specialists for treatment, CVRC’s medical experts facilitate all types of pet care under one roof. That means if a pet has a medical conditionRead more

Building Buzz with Teaser Campaigns

Want to create some buzz about an upcoming film? How about building hype for an upcoming product launch? Time for a teaser campaign. A teaser campaign, true to name, teases an audience by using suspenseful, mysterious advertisements to generate interest and engagement leading up to a larger campaign. Teaser campaigns can take many forms— aRead more

Pros and Cons of Digital Printing

Pros and Cons of Digital Printing
When coordinating print projects, we are often asked to deliver faster timelines, competitive budgets, and all-the-while delivering the highest quality. Over the past 5 years the quantities for most print projects has decreased significantly. It is rare that I coordinate a print job that is more than 2500 pieces, not to mention a large-format brochureRead more

Advertising 101 – Print, is it Dead?

I’m sure you’ve heard that print is a dying breed.  Yes, newspapers aren’t as many pages as they used to be and their subscriber base has shrunk for all forms of print, but does that mean it’s not worth advertising in? Rather than focus solely on circulation numbers (the actual number of printed copies), youRead more