Ron Burgundy, You’ve Done it Again!

Will Ferrell and Peyton Manning
We’ve all seen the ever-present marketing for the new Anchorman sequel. From the limited edition Scotchy Scotch Scotch Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, to the Ron Burgundy-hosted Dodge commercials, to Jockey’s new “I’m kind of a big deal” underwear. Everyone has their ideas on whether it’s a revolutionary strategy or just plain overexposure. We won’tRead more

6 Ways to Break Through Email Marketing Clutter

Getting people to open an email is a difficult thing. Sometimes I even have trouble getting my friends and family to open and respond to emails, and I already know them! It’s exponentially harder to create strong open and click through rates when it comes to email marketing. We’ve covered the discussion about when to send emails, butRead more

A new brand with a lotta’ zestt!

Zestt Home Decor Marketing
The Cyphers Agency would like to welcome zestt, our newest client partner to the TCA family. Zestt is an incredible new home décor brand that’s shaking things up in the online world of home accessory shopping. The brand offers a beautiful line of home décor products as well as the resources and guidance to helpRead more

Creativity (cre·a·tiv·i·ty)

 Creativity is one of those buzz words that everyone in the marketing world just loves to throw around. In pitch meetings, in brainstorms, in vision statements, everyone touts their ability to live and breathe creativity. But the fact is being creative is a heck of a lot more than the design team developing original, strategicRead more

Brand Consistency For Franchises

Big brands have long understood the value of brand consistency across different components of advertising. That’s why we have brand books and style guides for almost everything we create. For franchises brands, implementing consistent, branded marketing is both a greater opportunity, and of course a greater challenge. For multi-unit franchises it is an especially slipperyRead more

Email Marketing 101: When’s the Best Time to Send an Email?

An email campaign can be a great asset in an overarching marketing strategy. However, with all great tools, in order to make them effective, it’s imperative you know your audience. This helps in ensuring you’re clicking send at the right time of day to ensure your email is opened and read, rather than ending up in the trash.

What is Your Purple Cow? Book Review and Giveaway 

Purple Cow by Seth Godin
Seth Godin’s popular book Purple Cow Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable is about how businesses must have great products and great ideas to promote them in order to succeed. With so many products available a product must stand out from the crowd, be a Purple Cow, to get noticed. The purchase lifecycle of anyRead more