Make it Rain! Turning Weather Events in to Profitable Marketing Opportunities

With windstorms and springtime snow affecting most of the Maryland area, many residents are experiencing disruptions in their daily schedules. While this can be frustrating, it presents a unique opportunity for businesses— weather based marketing. This strategy utilizes real time weather data to trigger ads and personalize marketing messages based on your audience’s local weather.Read more

Best Baseball Giveaways

Baltimore orioles wine stopper
With September upon us, the majority of Major League Baseball (MLB) teams already know if they’ll be making the playoffs or should start thinking about next year. But whatever their record and rank, they all face the same challenge- How to put butts in seats?! For all 30 MLB teams an easy answer is betterRead more

PR vs. Marketing: Who’s the Heavyweight?

When figuring out how to promote your company, marketing and public relations (PR) are two tactics often thrown around the conference room. You might ask, are they interchangeable? Do we really need both? With how often they are discussed together, it’s easy to blur their specific functions and lump them into one checkbox. Let’s startRead more

Powerful Work Tools for Designers

The gap between web designers and developers is rapidly declining due to the rise of web design tools. UXPin and Invision are great options for web designers. These powerful tools allow you to create websites with their cutting edge design editor. The prototypes are brought to life with adding drag-and-drop functionality. Within the platform are user-interface librariesRead more

Technology and Marketing

I think it’s safe to say that technology has come a long way over the past, oh – hundred years or so. With all the good and bad associated with it, there’s no doubt that technology has certainly changed the playing field for marketing. The biggest thing being that technology has made it possible toRead more

5 digital marketing conferences to attend in 2015

Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2015
I totally understand that implementing digital marketing strategies can be overwhelming. Even as a social media expert, I am never done learning about new trends and best practices. Digital marketing is an evolving industry and it is extremely important to stay ahead of the curve if you want to surpass your competitors. Attending industry conferencesRead more

What “Marketing Integration” Really Means Today

Marketing Integration Meaning
Marketing integration used to just refer to coordinating various channels so your audience would receive consistent messaging and greater frequency. This meant across traditional and digital, through paid, earned and owned media. However, true integration now means more: interacting with prospects and customers in ways that build a real relationship with your brand: The customer’sRead more

Our Latest Campaign: It Totally Dominated

If you’ve visited Washington DC near the Capitol this month you’ve likely seen the Community Banking campaign that dominates the Capital South metro station, as well as area metro buses and metro rail cars. In celebration of Community Bank Month (April), the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) launched a campaign to promote benefits ofRead more

6 Ways to Break Through Email Marketing Clutter

Getting people to open an email is a difficult thing. Sometimes I even have trouble getting my friends and family to open and respond to emails, and I already know them! It’s exponentially harder to create strong open and click through rates when it comes to email marketing. We’ve covered the discussion about when to send emails, butRead more