Project Traffic: Behind the Scenes

  There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of an advertising agency which clients typically don’t see. An often forgotten, but integral, department within an agency is the traffic department. The traffic department, also known as air traffic control or the hub in our office, manages the flow of projects within the agencyRead more

Pinterest: An SEO Specialist’s New Best Friend

Improve search engine optimization with Pinterest
As many Search Engine Optimization specialists can tell you, SEO often requires creative, out-of-the-box thinking in order to find new and effective ways build relevant links and manage pertinent keywords to keep sites optimized. They are always checking out new tools and looking for ways to help support these everyday efforts. Our SEO gurus haveRead more

Putting On Your Consumer Thinking Cap – Google Adwords Style

A great way to create some online awareness for your brand is to run a Google Adwords campaign. Let’s face it. Everyone turns to Google in a pinch. Need to know how to get rid of pimples fast? Google it. Want to find some easy recipes to make with chicken stock? Google it. And sinceRead more

Transitioning to a Digital Agency Work Flow

In an agency environment, communication and efficient workflow is essential for the overall success of any account. But sometimes that isn’t as easy as it sounds. When you think about the channels a project has to take from start to finish, and the amount of people that have to work on that project, communicating thoseRead more

Before I Die…

Candy Chang painted the side of an abandoned house in her New Orleans neighborhood with chalkboard paint. Over that she stenciled “Before I die I want to _” 80 times and left chalk for people to use. The neighborhood did the rest. At The Cyphers Agency we decided to conduct this little experiment ourselves. ARead more

The Man Behind the Curtain

In a land called Oz, Dorothy found herself miles away from her home after a terrible tornado that turned her world upside down, from black and white to color. She was in unfamiliar territory and had to find a way to get back home. Asking around town, everyone told her she could head over toRead more

It’s Official: Word of Mouth Department Grows Again!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Danielle Ali has officially joined our ranks as a Social Media Coordinator here at The Cyphers Agency. She first joined us as an intern in August, sharing her experiences with you as she learned the ins and outs of the biz. She has made incredible progress over the past three months. SoRead more

An Inside Look: If You Build It, They Will Come

“So how’s work?” We all hear it all the time. It’s a reliable small-talk thing to say when you run into someone in a parking lot and feel obliged to make conversation so it doesn’t turn completely awkward. My response is usually not far off from the above (awesome cartoon compliments of an agency favorite,Read more

An Inside Look: The WOM Department Goes To A Party

So far, I’ve only talked about what goes on in The Cyphers Agency office. Don’t get me wrong, the hours between 9 and 5 have been pretty fun since I began working here. But Jocelyn upped the ante last week when she invited me to the annual Halloween party hosted by the Baltimore chapter ofRead more