7-11’s Gift to You

7 / 11 Day
  Heads up everyone, tomorrow is 7-11 Day which means free slurpees! And this year 7-11 have taken it to a whole new level by giving out free food all week when you download their app. While celebrating 7-11’s 87th birthday, the app will be customers’ gateway to scoring some refreshing drinks, cookies, and candy from theRead more

What is Your Purple Cow? Book Review and Giveaway 

Purple Cow by Seth Godin
Seth Godin’s popular book Purple Cow Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable is about how businesses must have great products and great ideas to promote them in order to succeed. With so many products available a product must stand out from the crowd, be a Purple Cow, to get noticed. The purchase lifecycle of anyRead more

Brand Failures and Netflix

See the book giveaway below! Brand failures are happening constantly. Just look at how Netflix recently wanted to split its business into two divisions. Netflix (a company that in September made customers angry with a steep price raise) wanted to keep its movie streaming business and move its DVDs by mail business to a newRead more