Launching a New Restaurant Brand for Neo

When the owner of Neo told us his vision for his new restaurant concept, we were hooked. He knows his target audience (the ever popular, big spending, millennials) and he knows how powerful experiential dining is with them. So we began a pretty epic journey with the Neo team to first, create a brand from scratch, thenRead more

Food Marketing To Millennials

Food Marketing to Millenials
You hear about them all the time, the Millennials. As children of the Baby Boomers, this group of 77 million 18-29 year olds is effectively taking over the consumer marketplace in the US (Fortune). Millennials have incredible buying power; in fact they make up about $400 billion dollars worth of annual spending (Fortune). Brands, especiallyRead more

5 BIG Grocery Trends that have Food Marketers Pacing the Aisles

Grocery Marketing Trends
I returned from this year’s “Chicken Marketing Seminar” hosted by the National Chicken Council with interesting insights that extend well beyond the meat case. Several speakers identified trends that affect everyone in the grocery channel. Here is a quick overview to whet your appetite: Traditional Grocery Losing Market Share Fast – This trend isn’t new, butRead more

7-11’s Gift to You

7 / 11 Day
  Heads up everyone, tomorrow is 7-11 Day which means free slurpees! And this year 7-11 have taken it to a whole new level by giving out free food all week when you download their app. While celebrating 7-11’s 87th birthday, the app will be customers’ gateway to scoring some refreshing drinks, cookies, and candy from theRead more

New Ways Food Brands Can Reach Consumers at the Point of Sale – Part 2

Shopping for Health
In part 1 of this post, we told you about a great new resource for Supermarket Registered Dietitians. Well, the launch is official and you can now check it out for yourself. The Cyphers Agency was happy to lend our food and online marketing expertise to help develop for Nancy Tringali Associates. Nancy Piho, CEO of Nancy TringaliRead more

New Ways Food Brands Can Reach Consumers at the Point of Sale

Shopping for Health
Supermarket Dietitians Crave Great Content In recent years, supermarkets have discovered that Registered Dietitians are a powerful customer service and marketing tool. Almost every major grocery chain now employs a number of RDs, some as many as one per store. Supermarket Registered Dietitians (SRDs) wear a number of hats to educate and engage consumers, from managing in-storeRead more

Food Brands: Prepare for an Ugly 2014

Food Brands Trends for 2014
Don’t worry; it’s not your sales that have to be ugly, it’s your food. Business Week recently shared details from JWT’s annual trends report predicting that 2014 will be “proudly imperfect,” especially in the food industry. And we have to admit, we’re pretty excited to embrace the not-so-perfect world of food. Enough of the over-styledRead more