Getting from Good to Great: Circumstances or Choice?

no more good
I was lucky enough to attend the Global Leadership Summit this past week. Needless to say, I’m fired up about all the things that I learned. It went just beyond great leadership tips and tricks – it taught me how to observe my own self, organization, or clients in a completely different way. I also learnedRead more

Staying Creative: How To Never Be Bored.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Only boring people are bored?” Do you find yourself sitting and staring at a wall more often than not? Have no fear, I am here to cure you of your illness. Follow my 3 step process to being more creative and curing boredom. 1. Engage in physical activity. AsRead more

Here’s to the crazy ones: A salute to Steve Jobs

We were saddened to hear the news of Steve Jobs passing today. We offer our condolences to his family and friends. His battle with cancer was well known but we were hopeful he might be able to experience a longer retirement since he stepped down from his role at Apple. We in the creative fieldRead more

Imitation vs. Inspiration: You’re Doing it Wrong

In the marketing world being “the first” is an incredible thing. Whether it is being the first brand in a niche product category, the first to use a new media strategy or the first to make a creative new ad claim, people take notice. Firsts also provide tremendous competitive advantage. The only thing worse than being second is blatantly copying the brand that did it first. We’re talking to you Dairy Queen!

Happy 100th Birthday, David Ogilvy!

One hundred years ago today, the Father of Advertising was born, and we at TCA are tipping our hats to him. While the big party is going down in Cannes, people all over the world are celebrating one of the most influential figures in advertising, David Ogilvy. Want to join us? At, Ogilvy &Read more

No Cruelty in Beauty: Effective Anti-Fur Ads?

Here in the office, we are always coming across interesting or intriguing pieces of ad work. It often spurs a moment or two of discussion. This one got us talking. Often times, anti-fur ads are extremely graphic in nature (like this one – but beware, it is intense), alienating both the target audience (people whoRead more

Super Bowl Ads May Fail to Move the Needle

Every year it’s the same thing. The day after the Super Bowl, we’re all comparing notes on our favorites ads and someone brings up “that funny one with…[fill in the blank]” and inevitably the response is “Yes, but can you remember who it’s for?” It’s become an old cliché in our office. But there’s somethingRead more

The New Starbucks Logo: A Redesign We Can Get Behind

A short letter to Starbucks Coffee from me, a self-proclaimed addict: Dearest Starbucks, You have fueled me, consoled me, and energized me over the past few years. You have been there, through thick and thin – on warm days and cold. Your only flaw is not offering Pumpkin Spice Lattes throughout the entire year. So maybe IRead more

We’re Not Warhol… And We’re OK With That

I know we agency folk can sometimes get a little uppity about our “strategic process,” like we’re saving lives with this stuff or something. But for the most part, there’s a reason we’re that way: because it’s legit! I’m the first one to admit there are certainly some situations that truly may not call forRead more