How ‘Bout Them Super Bowl Ads?!

Millions of Americans tuned in to CBS last night hoping to watch a Super Bowl (and the 2019 Super Bowl commercials) that was hyped as an inevitably great matchup of two of the NFL’s most high-powered offenses, the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. We were also promised a gripping saga of youthfulRead more

It’s Time to Talk About Over-the-Top Advertising

Streaming media has seen a steady upward trend since its inception 10 years ago and expected to continue rising because of its convenience and reach. Streaming media, better known as OTT (over-the-top) or video on-demand, is any device or service that is used to stream digital content to a TV, personal computer, mobile device, orRead more

Our Most Cherished Holiday Ads

‘Tis the season for countless glasses of egg nog and of course our favorite part, countless jolly holiday advertisements! We’ve created a “nice” list of our most cherished holiday ads throughout the years. M&Ms Christmas Commercial: THEY DO EXIST! This classic M&Ms commercial has aired every Christmas since 1996. It cleverly juxtaposes a disbelief inRead more

Monday Night Football by the Ads

During a recent Monday morning at work, a few coworkers and I exchanged the typical post-weekend water cooler/coffee maker/fridge talk about how we spent our Saturday and Sunday. When I told them that I’d spent a lot of time watching college and professional football, one asked how I could stand watching broadcasts that are aboutRead more

5 Ad Campaigns to Watch During 2016 Olympics

2016 olympics
T-Minus 7 days until the 2016 Olympics kick off in Rio. Whether you are looking forward to swimming, gymnastics, diving, golf or track and field, there is going to be plenty of exciting moments for Team USA. But what about the time in between events? Well, the Olympics sponsors, (who have spent over $1 billion in ad sales,Read more

Holiday Design-Palooza

Season's Pizza New Years Specials on Twitter
Here at the Cyphers Agency, we’ve been busy dreaming up holiday promotions for our clients. See a few we created recently: Other agencies have also been hard at work this year end. Here are a few campaigns that caught my eye – Kmart and Joe Boxer’s fun dancing pregnant jammie ladies –   Apple’s touchingRead more

Thank you, Mom

There is just something about the Olympics, isn’t there? A one of a kind event where we rally around total strangers to support their athletic endeavors. And as the Olympic Trials continue, excitement is slowly building for the Games in London.  I admit, I’m a sucker and definitely a crier when a truly emotional, patrioticRead more

Jingles For Products That Taste Like Piss

My apologies. I’ve overdid it on the title. It wasn’t very ladylike of me. But sometimes there is just no getting around the truth. And the truth is that I dig the Miller 64 jingle but absolutely despise actual Miller 64. The jingle? Awesome. Catchy, even. The beer? Terrible. Tastes like piss. But we canRead more

Mad Respect for New Pistachios Commercials

I’m kind of digging on these pistachios commercials. They are simple, straight to the point, and leverage the heck out of some “celebrity” endorsements. Thoughts?

Imitation vs. Inspiration: You’re Doing it Wrong

In the marketing world being “the first” is an incredible thing. Whether it is being the first brand in a niche product category, the first to use a new media strategy or the first to make a creative new ad claim, people take notice. Firsts also provide tremendous competitive advantage. The only thing worse than being second is blatantly copying the brand that did it first. We’re talking to you Dairy Queen!